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Should You Workout if You’re Injured?

When someone experiences an injury, they usually stop exercising altogether- stalling progress.  But most minor injuries shouldn’t stop you from making progress in the gym.  

There are a variety of ways to train around an injury.

And many times strengthening muscles around the injured one solves the problem going forward.

Say for example, you strained your back.  You feel really stiff, but not moving is making you even stiffer.  Doing quad-dominant exercises like lunges and split squats are safe to do without re-aggravating your back.  They also stretch your hip flexors, and tightness in the hip flexors could have contributed to your back injury to begin with.  

Shoulders can often be aggravated by pressing motions.  There’s a good chance using a neutral grip will feel completely fine, allowing you to keep building upper body strength.

If you’re looking for more guidance on concepts like this, feel free to email me or schedule a time to do a session at the studio.


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